Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year! I hope all your hopes and dreams for 2016 have come to fruition and that you’ve turned your attention to making the most of 2017!

I believe in making resolutions; they give you the focus to complete certain tasks. Resolutions can be made any time of the year, and should be in some cases, but it’s traditional to make them for the fresh start of a new year and it’s all in good fun!

  1. Eat well, allow for 1 cheat day a week.
  2. Drink 100 ounces of water a day.
  3. Learn and perfect one braided hairstyle a month.
  4. Learn to actively listen to others.
  5. Learn to create bath/shower bombs.
  6. Learn to ease my temper.
  7. Meditate 5 times a week.
  8. Pay off my car.
  9. Play and complete 17 video games.
  10. Practice yoga 5 times a week.
  11. Read and complete 17 books.
  12. Refrain from voicing negative opinions.
  13. Sing.
  14. Start a family.
  15. Start a garden.
  16. Start a memory journal.
  17. Start my own business.

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