Blondie2017(L)Hello and welcome! My name is Melissa, a happy and healthy gamer geek living here in California. This blog is dedicated to my love for games and geekery, as well as my journey towards living a healthier lifestyle.

All my life I’ve had a passion for all geek culture, with strong emphasis in gaming. I take a lot of pride in this and really have no problem sharing it with others. Being an optimistic sort, I’d like to think now more than ever that being a geek has become more of an accepted social group in society, that it is possible to be involved in gaming and/or other geek pastimes without falling into unhealthy habits or stereotypes. With the ever expanding realm of technology and how much the human race has come to rely on it, geeks are needed and/or created on a day to day basis. So be proud, be healthy, and have some fun!

When I’m not posting here, I work as a natural light botanical photographer. I’ve received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Journalism at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California and I feel extremely fortunate to have a job in the field.


Confession time, I am not the epitome of health I would love to be. Although I am happy and moderately healthy, I do not eat healthy or exercise as much as I should (Animal Fries why do you haunt me so?). When I was a teenager, I was fortunate enough to have a good metabolism, I weighed 110 lbs. at the most and at 5’2’’ tall I felt extremely comfortable in my own body. Since then I have put on more weight as my metabolism slacked off and my bad habits grew. I currently weigh 145 lbs.. My ultimate goal is to weigh in at about 125 lbs. and be in good shape with good eating habits.

My main activity is yoga, which I would love to do regularly, but I need to fortify my determination. I’ve also begun increasing my water intake, switching processed snacks for fruits and veggies and cooking regularly from home, rather than grabbing fast easy meals.


I currently work with a Canon EOS Rebel T4i. My photography mostly consists of botanical shots which have been featured in horticultural books and websites, as well as Sunset Magazine’s Blog and Magazine.

You can find all of my work on my Flickr page.